Wealth to us are deposits for generosity
Abd Al Aziz ibn Umayr

Tayyibun Foundation is dedicated to its purpose as a community centric organisation committed to the Islamic advancement of the educational needs and social welfare requirements of young people, adults, and the elderly. It seeks the betterment of society through a variety of projects and applications which adapt to the needs of communities. These activities and services are achieved through various projects focusing on the Community, Education and Arts.


We recognise that the family is the bedrock of the community. To this end, we hope to provide quality support to families to ensure that the foundations of the community, and society in general, remain strong and stable. Projects include family & marriage support, facilitating counselling and tackling social issues affecting the youth.


We intend to utilise various avenues to educate about much needed and practical issues relating to the community and spiritual reform of the individual. We aim to supplement ongoing events and educational programmes with effective supporting literature and educational material.


The Arabic language and, consequently, the art of calligraphy is held in great esteem by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Arabic was the language in which the Qur'an was revealed. We aim to demonstrate the beauty of the Qur'an and Islam through Art and plan to participate at exhibitions and run calligraphy workshops across universities, museums, and other relevant venues.

Latest Events & Seminars

The Perfect Example: Character Development

The spiritual and moral state constantly needs to be refined and re-evaluated by every believer. The Prophetic model for self-reform and rectification is the only way to achieve such positive change and development. His statements and actions serve as a role model for humanity to achieve such spiritual and moral bliss.

This course will be based on the chapter Kitab Al Jami (The Comprehensive Book) from the Hadith collection Bulugh Al Maram, by Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani. Themes include good character, joining the ties of kinship, asceticism and piety, good manners, bad manners, remembrance of Allah (SWT) and supplications.

LEMA, 20 Alton St, Poplar, E14 6BZ | 8.30-9.30pm | Every Thursday (From Nov 2018)

8 Stages of benefitting from the Quran

The lecture will cover eight gradual stages through which a person can bring the Qur'an into his life in terms of listening, reading, contemplating and practising.

Secrets & Mysteries Hajj & Umrah

Our Hajj & Umrah seminar was packed with nearly 200 attendees, taken place in July 2018. This is a must attend seminar for anyone wishing to undertake the journey for Umrah or Hajj or to learn about this great Pillar of Islam. When focusing on practical elements of this great act of worship we tend to miss out the spiritual preparing for this journey, yet spirituality is the best provision...

Arabic Penmanship & Calligraphy workshop

With instructors teaching Arabic, handwriting is an essential skill in fulfilling the objective of becoming proficient in this subject. This two-day practical workshop is tailored for teachers with the aim of improving their Arabic handwriting, eradicating elementary mistakes and providing exposure to the world of Arabic calligraphy and its importance. With limited seats of 20 students only, be sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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